Haiti Youth Development & 
              Education Foundation

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                                           The Heart of H.Y.D.E      

       Peterson Jerome, has been living in the United States for 16 years. He first flew to the US seeking a better life. Soccer is serving as a guide. At 17, he attended Piper High School in the city of Sunrise; he did not waste anytime making an impact in the classroom, and on the soccer field. Impressed with his talents, Jerome was encouraged by his coaches  to leave high school before the end of his senior year and play as a professional soccer player.  

However, as his life dream was to have a diploma, he took the chance by staying in school to achieve it.  During his first years in America, he had many obstacles to overcome, one of the most important being learning a foreign language: English. Even so, he never let any hardship interfere with his success in school or on the soccer field.  Being unable to take advantage of a multitude of academic scholarships offered to him he suffered emotionally and physically. Great efforts where made by his teachers and family but his community seemed unconcerned. He soon started to realize that it takes not one person but a whole group to build the way to success of the youth.  Peterson’s philosophy is that through academics, education and athletics we can work together and form global success.  


“Anything that benefit’s our community’s youth is a benefit to us and local people are a better fit to fix local problems.” 

Peterson sets out to fulfill his potential as a player and seeks ways to help out his community. His first destination is New York Metro Stars.






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