Haiti Youth Development & 
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                             More than One Day

 Septermber 21st is the colmination of three days of events that promote Peace in our community. The inaugural 2009 Peace One Day was held in the capital city fo Port au Prince. Due to the importance of the message the second P.O.D in 2010 was held Cap-Haiten. In 2011, because of the support we have been recieving and the significance of the event, H.Y.D.E will have the event in two cities.

How do we promote Peace on this Day?

Our day starts as soon the sun rises! We begin by conducting soccer clinics for the local youths and demonstrating to the potential coaches how to continue improving their skills. During lunch we promote the importance of nutrition to the kids/athletes. After eating, we show movies promoting peace and how to be peaceful. Our frist priority is the kids, however, in the afternoon we begin working with the adult members of society, who will continue our work and message after we leave.

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