Haiti Youth Development & 
              Education Foundation

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Our Partners

 City of Ft.Lauderdale- Our director is employee. HYDE also performs soccer clinics, in elementary, middle and high schools for the city. We work directly with William Dundy Middle School and Florida High School.

City of North Miami- The city through the vision of its Mayor, is enabling us to expand Unification Cup to a new level. With the help of civic leadership such as 

 City of Miami- H.Y.D.E  yearly organizes the Unification Cup and kids soccer programs for the Little Haiti neighborhoods. We work directly with Edison middle school, Edison High School, and North Miami Senior High School.

City of Lauderhill - The city through its sister city program with Petion-Ville, Haiti helps bring players to the  C.A.S.A youth soccer classic that is held annually. 


Haitian soccer federation - Through our contacts in the collegiate  and professional level H.Y.D.E offers its service to places members of the national Haitian soccer team in universities in the United States and professional soccer teams throughout the world.  


FIFA Match Agent - Baba Tunde Epoyun, working together with our soccer academy in Haiti with over 200 kids. Planning together on bringing soccer back into the schools. We share the belief that education and sports should go together.


Association Soccer Management (ASM) - With ASM, H.Y.D.E Organized a professional combine for USL and MLS teams to view talent from the Caribbean and South Florida region. Which takes place every year in January. ASM is used by H.Y.D.E to help players that do not have the money to represent themselves toto soccer clubs around the world. ASM gives these players various opportunities and negotiates contracts with professional teams. Where we can place these players.

Caribbean American Soccer Association - Founding members of C.A.SA, currently many H.Y.D.E members are current or former members of CA.S.A. Have a teams that participate in their Super league.


We would also like to thank Papitosoccer.com to his dedication to soccer in the community and for documenting H.Y.D.E's events.



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