Haiti Youth Development & 
              Education Foundation

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One of our objectives which are also soccer related involves increasing the possibilities for girls/women to play. We have already started this by having the first women's game in Little Haiti during Haitian Heritage month celebration. This was a motivating event for many girls in the stands and we let them know by putting on a great show, that they should continue to train and play soccer, that it’s not just a male sport. In everything we do, we want to erase any lines and break all ceilings and provided equality for all who want to be involved.

There are many important components of what we are trying to achieve in the community, either in Haiti or in the United States. That is why it is vital for you to contact us, to truly get to know H.Y.D.E. We love to discuss and let you know what we are planning and doing. We invite you to come to our events to see our accomplishments being made into history and hear about our next steps.

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