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                                           International Member

Alejandro Salisbury President of the Association of Multinational Athletes and Vice President of Public Relations for Peace One Day - Haiti has joined H.Y.D.E. The same principals of unity through futbol is a common theme between us. His organization in Naples,Florida and San Jose, Costa Rica will let H.Y.D.E have a valuable asset as we continue to grow. Alejandro, who is from Costa Rica will help H.Y.D.E expand to Naples,Fl to unite with the vast Haitian population that lives there. Alejandro is also responsible for the website and is in continual communication with Peterson. Alejandro started working with H.Y.D.E in December as the assistant coach of Haiti International FC during the C.A.S.A youth show case soccer tournament, that Peterson coached. For the tournament members of AMNA-Costa Rica came to play to show unity and respect to Haiti. Officially now Alejandro Salisbury has the title of Director of Operations. He decided to join H.YD.E as he has a long histroy of working within the Haitian community of Naples and Broward county.He has been called an adopted son of Haiti by many of his friends, for the love he shows our country and the help he provides. 

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