Haiti Youth Development & 
              Education Foundation

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                                   H.Y.D.E in the Community

The needs of our kids in the U.S.A on the surface may appear different from those in Haiti, but the core mission is the same. We are here to foster and build a better member for our community. H.Y.D.E. fulfills our mission by of helping develop and educate our Haitian Youth's in several ways. Our newest program that we are doing in South Florida is having our student members get their community service hours for high school graduation and scholarships, through our cooperative work with several organizations in the state. We want to provide and all around learning experience that otherwise they would not get on their own. We facilitate their needs in four ways.

1.) We talk and scheduel service days for our kids. 

2.) We ensure that all the paper work needed to sign-up, such as waivers, parent info etc.. are completed.

3.) We motivate and ensure that the students show up 

4.) We provide transportation when needed and provide supervisition at the volunteer sites. While our students volunteer so do our senior members, they work alongside the youths and set the work ethic example and make sure that after every day they have learned a valuable lesson that goes beyond the hours gained.

H.Y.D.E brought for the first time a women's soccer team to play the Haitian Heritage main event soccer showcase. The game was played at the Little Haiti Soccer Stadium. Community leaders came to support the the Haitian community and cheer on the women teams as they played a very hard fought match, that put on a real show in front of the crowd. The Haitian Heritage Month Event also had musical entertainment and Haitian cuisne.

Professional yearly soccer combine

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