Haiti Youth Development & 
              Education Foundation

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                           The purpose of H.Y.D.E in Haiti

Our main focus is on how can we help our beloved motherland. We take a hands on approach and go directly to where we believe we should be. By being directly involved we can see and feel with our own eyes and hands the true value of what we do. By also being there ourselves we are increasingly motivated because we know what they are going through and makes us want to work harder.

 Once H.Y.D.E lands in Haiti we go straight to work. The first action we do is to start distributing all the goods that we have been collecting throughout the year. Our long awaited arrival is awaited by hundreds of kids in Cap-Haitian and Port-au-Prince. Once the kids recieve such items as shoes, clothes, books, school supplies and soccer balls. Only after the kids have had their school related needs met then we move on to our soccer academy, that we established on the island. It is very important for the children to know and see that school comes first and that is why we focus our initial energy on promoting education. Our overall effort is to build an education and soccer center, where they can learn,study, train, play and live.

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