Haiti Youth Development & 
              Education Foundation

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                                       Our Achievements

  After many years of hard work, and thanks to dedicated volenteers, The United Nations's Peace One Day went to Haiti for the first time, through the work of H.Y.D.E. on Septermeber 21st, 2009.

  The following year on September 21st 2010 H.Y.D.E was honored to continue hosting Peace One Day in Haiti. The work we did the previous year was rewarded by being the organization chosen to be the representatives of the United Nations Peace One Day.On October 1st 2011, we celebrated our biggest event at Slyvio Cator Stadium Port-au-Prince


The organization has also placed a number of young athletes from the Haitian National Soccer Team with professional soccer teams from all over the world.



  H.Y.D.E was also able to help place six players at Warner Universisty click the tiger to find out who and how they got there.




                                    Haitian Heritage Month events



December 2005 

 Haiti U23 vs Tobago U23.

The Tobagans at the time were beaing coached by Bertihl St.Claire, owner of the most succesful soccer academy on the island. 



  January 2005

Haiti U23 vs Jamaica U23 Hosted by H.Y.D.E and C.A.S.A at the Westminester Academy. Proceedes from the event went to the Tsumani Relief efforts. In an exciting match the Jamaican team came through 5-3.

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