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                 Haiti WNT Qualifying for the Gold Cup video

         Peterson Jerome, founding president of H.Y.D.E in a new role with the Haitian Football Federation, along with Alejandro Salisbury accompanied the women's national soccer team in their most recent world cup qualifying tournament. The following is a brief story of the ten days we spent with head coach Shek Borowski, his dedicated staff and the Haitian women who represented our nation proudly wearing our red and blue on the pitch.


         On the long journey to the World Cup in Canada 2015, Haiti women`s soccer team still had one more hurdle to overcome in our region; Trinidad and Tobago was the setting for the Caribbean Cup. The top four teams qualified for the Gold Cup in the United States, which is the final stop before attaining the dream of qualifying to the World Cup.  

   The group stage came down to a Caribbean classic versus Jamaica, to decide who would play against Trinidad and Tobago in the final. In our matches versus Bermuda and Puerto Rico, Haiti scored 9 goals while receiving only one. Then came Jamaica; Haiti's longtime rival. As it happens all too often, the whistle doesn't always blow evenly. While the battle was hard fought at the end of the night, Jamaica had scored two goals, while Haiti was unable to overcome a yellow wall in front of Jamaica's goal. With qualifying to the Gold Cup already achieved, the third place match against Martinique proved that Haiti is a power in the Caribbean, with another convincing 4-0 score.  


         In the Gold Cup group stage, HaitiĀ“s women's national team will be able to test their skills against the Caribbean champion Trinidad and Tobago, who showed class and style in their victory over Jamaica.  Haiti will also have the opportunity to play against one of the world's best team, the United States. The dream match on American soil, a true David vs Goliath, will be the toughest match any player has ever faced and will show the players character as much as their talent. The lessons that will be learned from just playing against the world`s best will be as valuable as the possible three points. The team will be focused on taking points from the U.S which would make international football headlines. Our first match against Guatemala, a team that appears to be the weakest in the group, will have the same chances to prove that they can qualify to the World Cup.

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