Haiti Youth Development & 
              Education Foundation

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                                        What we want to achieve

At H.Y.D.E, we do not talk about dreams, we talk about achievements. We are focused on creating a foundation onto which we want to build our structure for the success of the Haitian children, who will become our leaders. Nothing is more important than an education, but merely going to a school does not mean you are being educated; being marked present is not good enough. We want to provide a place for our children to be truly educated, where they will feel safe, cared for and be given a proper nutrition. Without those key components of a school how can we hope that our kids will actually learn what our talented teachers are trying to convey.

    That is why our greatest achievement will be to build an educational center in Cap-Haitian, for 200 Children.  This educational center will not only be a place for the children to attend school, but for them to live and play sports, while being surrounded in a nurturing facility. By focusing on the youth through education, we will live up to our name, as we will be developing and continuously building upon our foundation. We will educate the Haitian Youth and create a brighter future for the entire nation.

We take the idea of "sound body, sound mind" very seriously, and that is why we spend a great deal of energy on teaching kids sports. Soccer is the universal game that transcends borders, cultures and ethnicities. Throughout South Florida and Haiti, we all have this unifying bond. That is why we created the Unification Cup soccer league. The name tells a great deal of the logic behind the thinking that makes it a reality in 2010. We not only hope to surpass the great success we had last season, but we want to make it grow and make it a mainstay for the community. We hope to achieve more professional signing of players, as we had two players sign with USL teams after the final. Through our league local players will be able to be showcased to the soccer world, and have their dreams become part of our achievements.

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