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In the making....

    Peterson Jerome's coaches were undoubtably correct when they told him that he should presue a career in soccer. However, Peterson even at a young age knew what was truly important; an education. A determined Peterson was able to accomplish both, get the diploma he wanted and enjoy a full career on the soccer pitch. His talents have taken him to play in Major League Soccer in the one of the most famous cities in the world New York, for the Metro Stars. After his time there he became a local sensation in Mexico when he signed for Atlas. The Mexican league is regarded by FIFA as being the most competitve league in North America and it is extrmely rare for a player coming out of the Carribean to earn a place on a team. For Peterson, this was merely just another challenge that he was able to over come. He soon became a fan favorite and was involved in coaching local children of Guadalajara, the home base for Atlas.




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