Haiti Youth Development & 
              Education Foundation

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 H.Y.D.E’s goal is to refocus the attention of our youth while utilizing skills such as sports and music. We found the most effective way to keep the children of our community out of trouble is to combine sporting activities such as soccer and other cultural programs that motivate both youths and parents to stay positive.

Studies have shown that sports combined with other activities help kids stay out of trouble while keeping them healthier. Athletics promote self discipline, team work, raise self-esteem, and gives them goals. We provide the opportunity for them to be able to achieve their long term goals, through our commitment to education and sports. While soccer is a focus we believe in enabling our kids to be able to excel in what they are naturally gifted in, through hard work we now have other sports such as karate and table tennis. Two activities that are not as common in the Caribbean but we believe that many of the kids might prefer something that is not common.

This goes in line in what we believe, we are not a common organization, and we are some one who strives to excel above the rest just like our kids want to as well. Our strength however is in providing excellent coaching and mentoring in a wide variety of activities, including access to tutoring for those who want to focus on school. In the community where we live, there are thousands of children going through the system yearly, largely ignored or without the possibility to fulfill their potential. We need to invest in resources like Haiti Youth Development & Education to aide kids in areas that they need the most help in. We are able to provide what society can not in many cases. We value the importance of education about all and know that the only way to truly succeed in the long term and for generations to come is to have kids learning in and out of the classroom. We must preepare them not only to graduate  but in return become mentors for the next generation. We want to create a legacy of success.

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